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Liam Cann

Amazing atmosphere, lovely people and Eduardo is a lovely genuine human being going above and beyond what I have seen from many instructors. Great training and a very high level from all attending. Travelled from Leeds to be here and will be returning frequently

Joe Tunney

Club full of great and very friendly and humble people. Eduardo is an incredible professor and extremely welcoming.

Edward Muscat

One of the best clubs in Europe. Here you will find a humble and knowlegable coach well versed in both self defence and competitive jiu jitsu. Definitely worth a go.

Marcos Schubert

Classificação 5 estrelas. Ossss

Rodrigo Carvalho Cruz

Um professor humilde, de energia positiva. Sempre ensina excelentes técnicas, que realmente fazem a diferença no seu jogo.

Abdul Hakeem Hashi

Amazing classes, amazing professor, amazing people. The quality of the BJJ you learn is evident when you compete. The moment you roll with someone from another gym you know (more…)

Chine Ssi

Indeed great people and great team, unfortunately had to leave only one month after training due to work. Keep it up guys.

Joshua Dawson

Great instructor. Great classroom energy. Skilled & helpful students. Every time I attend a class I feel I learn something valuable. This is by far, one of the best places to train in London (more…)

Adam Vessey

zero ego, fantastic instruction, best place to learn BJJ whether for self defence or sport.

Raymond Yong

Been looking for a club with a relaxed training atmosphere but a hard work ethic. Eduardo is a great instructor and I’m glad to restart my jujitsu journey again!!!!

Wayne Johnson

If you want BJJ in London this is the place to go. The chance to attend 16 classes a week with great instructors and great students! Oss

Nico Froehlich

Full of characters, knowledge and humility. Amicable atmosphere, diverse academy and invigorating sessions + great location, close to where Nancy gets killed by Billy Sikes (more…)

Freddie Sykes

The friendliest club in London.

Luke James Spencer

Great instructor. Great people. Come down if you are serious about learning BJJ

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