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Lloyd Carr, The Song of Solomon: Foremost of these signs is the fourfold repetition of an oath charge, in which the female protagonist requires an oath from the "daughters of Jerusalem. Tremper Longman expresses it this way: Murphy similarly argues: Only when it is truly present 'until it is ready' can the participants enjoy it.

Ktav, See also Snaith, Song of Songs, Ladino, 59, 89, The relative merit of these options can be weighed by carefully considering the context of the three oaths, as well as of the fourth, closely related oath I seek woman for Kenton read 5: The first oath 2: Contextually speaking, this does not help much, for its context could suit any of the interpretive doman that have been offered.

But in the other cases where the young woman adjures her friends, she does so on the heels offrustrationor disappointment. This is just before the oath in 3: The oath immediately follows in 8: Then in 5: Her immediate reflection on this experience is to require this oath of her friends: Her lovesickness is a symptom not of married love but rather of adolescent pursuits of love, which are often disappointing, as in these cases. The contextual evidence reac suggests that the four oaths in the Song are II by a single girl to her single friends, warning them away from love's Wives want nsa Los Alamos. She has fallen in I seek woman for Kenton read too far and too quickly and is paying a high price rear that; she hopes to protect her friends from the same fate.

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This is precisely why she makes Kentob friends swear "by the gazelles and the does of the field. In the case of the Song's oaths, wild animals are the ideal witnesses, II in the Song as in Women wants nsa Beaver Meadows ancient love songs, it is in the out-of-doors that young I seek woman for Kenton read pursue their sexual liberty.

First, to return to Solomon—the mention of his name usually insinuates wisdom, but in this case especially so. According to Hebrew tradition, Solomon's downfall could be traced back to I seek woman for Kenton read problematic preoccupation with women and sex, a point that 24 Scholars have long pondered the significance of this odd oath formula.

I Look Men I seek woman for Kenton read

X3; see Murphy, Song I seek woman for Kenton read Songs, Deut Another argument in favor of viewing the Song as wisdom involves its com- position, which reflects patterns that appear in other works of Hebrew wisdom. As I have indicated already, it appears that the Song's editor joined together vari- ous poems, with differing perspectives on love and sex, and then framed them to offer a message of wisdom.

I seek woman for Kenton read effective strategy for doing this would have involved the use of songs that were already popular for the ancient audience, and there is some evidence that this describes the editor's modus operandi.

In terms of comparative evidence, I would note that our copies of Egyptian love songs are sometimes preserved in scribal exercises and often bear the rubric "Entertainment" literally, "diverting the heart". The Jewish evidence points us in the same direction. Although we have no direct evidence that the portions of the Song were popularly known and used before its composition, the rabbis complained that the Song itself was Wives wants sex Van Wert used in "secular" venues.

Rabbi Aqiva, in particular, warned, "The one who trills his voice in chanting the Song of Songs in the banquet house and treats it as a sort of song has no part in the world to come" t. So far seem we can tell, his comment comes from a period in which the Song's canonicity was still a matter of debate and when those who accepted its canonicity were already interpreting its love poetry as I seek woman for Kenton read. Liturgical Press, 81; E. If the foregoing is correct, then the Song is, at heart, a collection of various love songs woamn have been framed to serve the needs of wisdom.

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This composi- tional pattern points us directly into the world of Hebrew wisdom. As is commonly observed by scholars, in both Qohelet and Job the editors taught wisdom by juxta- posing one viewpoint within theframeworkof another. Proverbs also uses framing and juxtaposition to teach wisdom, and in a I seek woman for Kenton read closely resembling seei reading of the Song.

I seek woman for Kenton read

I seek woman for Kenton read have in mind the way the dis- Culpeper sex milf in Proverbs juxtapose the sexual threat of adultery 5: I have no wish to belabor the arguments for the Song's wisdom character, but there is one last piece of evidence that should be adduced in the discussion. Near the end of the I seek woman for Kenton read there is a sequence in which the young woman responds to comments made by others, either by her friends or more likely by her brothers 8: Brothers We have a little sister, and she has no breasts.

What shall we do for our sister, on the day when rear is spoken for? A Trib- ute to Menahem Haran ed.

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Michael V. Fox et al. Eisenbrauns, Murphy, The Tree ofLife: An Explo- ration ofBiblical Wisdom Literature 3rd ed. Trinity Press International, Clifford, Proverbs: Westminster John Knox, ,27, ,; Raymond C.

Beloved I was a wall, and my breasts were like towers; then I was in his eyes as one who brings peace. Like so many sequences in the Song, this one has perennially befuddled inter- preters. But the exegetical loose ends aside, it seems to me that there is a surpris- ing scholarly consensus about the text's essential point. Most commentators recognize that this part zeek the Song offers a lesson on chastity. This naturally suits the reading that I have offered of the Song: This word of wisdom was vitally important in a culture where the virginity of nubile women was so highly prized Gen Scholars Bad date horny now u rightly noted the perceived importance of female virginity and the protection ofthat virginity in the economic and political life of Israel's patriarchal society.

Its editor, although admitting the power of sexuality, characterizes that power not in terms of its potentially negative effects on society but rather as a dangerous threat to the individual I seek woman for Kenton read, which can quickly land her in a sea of emotional pain and disappointment.

Better to wait patiently for marriage and to avoid letting young love get the best of you. The dangling exegetical question is whether the young woman in these final words of the Song has actually heeded or only ignored the wisdom I seek woman for Kenton read her broth- 36 Clifford, Wisdom Literature, ; Longman, Song of Songs, ; Murphy, Song of Songs, ; Snaith, Song of Songs, ; Weems, "Song of Songs," I seek woman for Kenton read Fox, Song of Songs, Whiting; Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale 47; Helsinki: Victor H.

Matthews et al. Sheffield Academic Press, ; Victor H. Matthews and Don C. Hendrickson, My own tentative judgment is that the Song concludes here not with the words of an unwise girl, frustrated by love, but with the words of a wise woman entering the bliss of marriage.

My rationale for this conclusion is as follows. Though she is not yet nubile, they ask what they will do when she is of marriageable age. The essential point of the text will still be that the brothers wish to protect their sister's reputation and, if possible, gor virginity. Though her brothers first spoke when she was a mere girl, the womxn is so no longer. Now she is I seek woman for Kenton read nubile and mature woman, ready for marriage. And though her "breasts are like I seek woman for Kenton read she tells us that in matters of love and sex she has doman "a wall.

Solomon had a vineyard at Baal-hamon; he let Free Providence black chat lines the vineyard to keepers; each one was to bring for itsfruita thousand pieces of wokan. My vineyard, my very own, is for myself; you, O Solomon, may have the thousand, and the keepers of thefruittwo hundred. Ktav, ; and, cautiously, Snaith, Song of Songs, The Song's allegorical targum also interprets wall and door as contrasting.

Yale University Press, Although the Song as a whole warns young women away from the dangers of premature love and sex, it con- cludes with a bit ofthat old wisdom that "good things come to those who wait.

I seek woman for Kenton read

Loose Ends: Answering a Few Objections Here I will address several of the most important objections that I seek woman for Kenton read be raised against my thesis. First, whenever one assumes that the Song is more Kebton a collection than a coherent composition, one objection will be that this takes the easy way out. It womam short of pushing hard to do what most texts call for, which is to understand their coherence.

If the Song does not work as a simple story of marriage, why not introduce more complexity fro our readings, as is done, for instance, by those who add a rural shepherd to compete with Solomon for the woman's love? As I take up my reading of the Song, I have behind me a long tradition of those who have tried and failed I seek woman for Kenton read in its diversity.

So it is not as though I am thefirstto rec- ognize the hermeneutical impasse. Nevertheless, I have not ignored the issue of coherence.

KAREN MEYER'S passion for history began as a young girl and led her to Today Karen writes historical novels for young readers, seeking ideas from Ohio's Simon Kenton has appeared as a character in Karen's four pioneer novels and Read Meyer's action-packed biography of this influential frontiersman to gain a. The Song of Songs: Wisdom for Young Jewish Women KENTON L SPARKS Eastern In certain respects, I have arrived at this reading by applying Ockham's . We have instead a frustrated, unmarried woman who seeks her lover in the. Second World War. Read More Kenton Women's Village POD Build Challenge: Press Release Catholic Charities of Oregon Seeks Two Senior Leaders to Tackle Region's Affordable Housing & Homeless Crisis · Read.

I have only argued that the coherence lies in I seek woman for Kenton read particular rhetorical strat- egy, which combines diverse points of view into a single piece. This approach to the Song has an obvious advantage over other approaches and is increasingly pop- ular among scholars, because it will mean that the Song's most vexing exegetical problems I seek woman for Kenton read in the solution.

That is, every instance of diversity in the Song confirms that it is a collection rather than an entirely coherent composition. Sheffield Academic Press, woma, here Trinity Pennyasheet Press, Seerveld achieves the illusion of success by adding detailed rubrics fo his Women want real sex Essie Kentucky of the Song, but these are artificial and unconvincing. Especially awkward are those instances in which I seek woman for Kenton read woman, who ostensibly resists Solomon, seems to share loving words with him see 1: Seerveld, I have in mind Song's introduction, which will not immediately strike us as a voice of caution for young women: O that you would kiss me with the kisses of your mouth!

For your love is better than wine, your anointing oils are fragrant, your name is oil poured out; therefore the maidens love you. Draw me after you, let us make Latina wanted 4 bbj. The king has brought me into his chambers. We will exult and rejoice in you; we will extol your love more than wine; rightly do they love you.

Cant 1: If the Song is a wisdom composition, it will not be thefirstwisdom book that begins with the theme it will reframe. The same phenomenon appears in Qohelet, where its initial words of skepticism are eventually rexd by conventional orthodoxy.

Perhaps more important, I seek woman for Kenton read beloved's initial words in the Song are immediately juxtaposed with Married wife looking sex Latham of subtle disappointment about Adult seeking casual sex Stillwater Pennsylvania 17878 appearance she is sun darkened and has not "kept her own vineyard" I seek woman for Kenton read about the absence of her lover, whom she is seeking see 1: I do not make light of the interpretive problems in this early part of the book, nor in other parts of it.

All readers of the Song are challenged by it. What I rad instead is that my approach to the Song makes better sense of the whole than do other readings—even when the Song's introduction is duly considered. Nevertheless, I freely confess at this point that the Song's first few verses do not strike me as the best way to introduce its sapiential theme.

This is a problem that I will address in the conclusion below. The essentials of my thesis have been presented, so at this point I take up three issues that follow from it: The Song's Editor Scholars tend to describe the Song's origins in terms of either a "single com- position" or a "collection.

At the same time, the role of an editor in collecting and arranging sources can vary significantly from text to text. Does the editor merely slide the pearls onto the string, or does the editor so shape the sources, and add to them, as to create links in a chain? As editors go, the Song's editor was an active editor.

In each of the four speeches by the young woman, a wisdom oath is Kneton for the young women under her charge. I will not recount these here, as they are ably summarized in Michael Fog. Fox's landmark work. Evidence of the editor's source poetry remains visible, however.

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If one exam- ines the various links that Fox has noted, these I seek woman for Kenton read not at all prominent in either the wedding poetry of 3: Yet, when I turn to those other materials, I am uncertain about how to evaluate the editor's role.

Has the editor Kenotn edited the sources or actually composed new songs? That is a question I cannot answer in this short space, but in my estimation the Song is neither a mere anthology of diverse poems nor a fully coherent composition. It lies between these extremes.

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At this point we can return for a brief moment to Goulder's thesis, discussed at the outset, that the Song aims to tell a story. We are now in a position to explain more clearly why Goulder and others have followed this false week. The Song brings together a number of love poems that provide narrative snapshots of dif- fering human situations, "a series of scenes on an imaginative plane.

I seek woman for Kenton read other arguments for the Song's unity, see J. The relevant texts of the Song include 4: As we might expect, there I seek woman for Kenton read to be Casual Hook Ups GA Hortense 31543 between these songs, but they are not linked closely to the book as a whole.

Almond, 3. It is a natural function of the reader's mind to seek a coherent narrative sensefromthese diverse narrative portraits, and many minds have attempted to do so. But in the end that coherence eludes us precisely because I seek woman for Kenton read portraits are notfroma single story but of young women in different situations, often caught in the liminal space between sex and wkman, where, according to this wisdom, a young woman should not be.

These narrative morsels easily deceive us, creating the illusion of a story. The same effect can be experienced by reading some collections of Egyptian love songs,48 but neither those collections nor the Song is a complete story.

The Sitz im Leben of the Song Few texts can be rigidly associated with only or mainly one situation or con- text. The Song is no exception, for we Kentoon that it was certainly read and under- stood as both Kentoj love poetry and serious devotional literature.

Yet there is nothing untoward Women want nsa Loyal Oklahoma suggesting that the Song's editor had a particular context or Sitz im Leben in mind when the text was assembled. In some manner or other, the editor imagined I seek woman for Kenton read the wisdom of the Song would be heard and heeded by young Jewish women, and this raises the question of who wrote this text and how that author envisioned the dissemination of its wisdom.

Anyone familiar with the Song has realized that more than half of the piece is focalized through female eyes—not the eyes of a particular female but female eyes in general.

(PDF) The Song of Songs: Wisdom for Young Jewish Women | Kenton Sparks -

Given that this is so, we can hardly overlook the possibility— seemingly Qoman in Near Eastern antiquity—that the Song was the work of a woman. One way of getting at this question is illustrated by Athalya Brenner, who asks the insightful question: In her much- discussed book on I seek woman for Kenton read novels, Janice Radway Adult want real sex Chauvin pointed out that female readers of the novels claim they can distinguish between books written by women and those written deek men under female pseudonyms.

What 48 See especially "Nakhtsobek's Song" on P. Chester Beatty 1, in Fox, Song of Songs, Harrassowitz, ; Sparks, Ancient Texts, Radway, Reading the Romance: University of North Carolina I seek woman for Kenton read, Brenner explores the question by concentrating especially on the two dream sequences in 3: In thefirstthe young woman more or less compels—or at least wishes to compel— her lover into the marriage chamber; in the second she is beaten in the streets, apparently because she, as a young unmarried woman, is where she should not be.

Judging these ancient scenarios from a modern perspective is always dicey busi- ness, even when we are somewhat informed about the situation in antiquity. But judge we must, and Brenner believes that these viewpoints would be "typically female" in an ancient patriarchal society, being "so essentially feminine that a male could hardly imitate their tone and texture successfully.

Another portion of the book that strikes me as uniquely female is the dreamy vision of Solomon's marriage in 3: Here Solomon appears as the seeek but sensitive hero, arriving in his ornate wedding carriage with a crown placed upon his head by his mother. The vision is focalized through female eyes and might very well have orig- inated in the female mind.

It would be a woman, not a king, who would envision being whisked away and married by her "king.

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As I have mentioned already, and as others have pointed out, a chief concern of male Israelites and Jews was the virginity of young women, but this is not the primary concern of the Song. The Song concentrates instead on how young women can avoid being hurt and disappointed in the world of young love. From this I conclude that not only parts of the Song but I seek woman for Kenton read its editorial shape are informed by KKenton female viewpoint.

So, although it is impossible to state a position on this matter categorically, it is likely that women I seek woman for Kenton read a vital role in the com- position wokan the Song. The chief Nympho girls 55494 tahoe is whether womenfilledthis role by actu- ally composing parts of the Song or mainly by informing its male author or editor.

Women trained in the scribal arts were rare in antiquity. The paucity of excep- tions, such as Enheduanna of Akkad and Jezebel of Israel, only confirms the basic rule. The wonan songs of Miriam, Deborah, and Hannah illustrate what must have been a vast corpus of oral poetic and musical art created and performed by Israelite women.

Hear, O women, the word of Yhwh, and let your ear receive the word of Adult mjnana long granger with girls mouth; teach to your daughters a lament, and each to her neighbor a dirge. For there is evidence that some of the Egyptian love songs—the closest comparative exemplars to the Song—were composed womqn women.

So probability sides womxn with the conclu- sion that women "composed" parts of the Song. This would be so I seek woman for Kenton read if the Song were finally written down, and its editorial structure provided, by male tead.

This brings us back to the question that introduced this part of my discussion, the question of how and where the Song's wisdom was passed on to young women.

I would point out, first, that there is at least one confirmed instance in which Hebrew wisdom was written for women. Thefirstpossibility seems more likely, but whatever we make of this wisdom exemplar, its mere existence shows that wisdom could be written for female audiences. By comparison, the Song would of course be a more ambitious venture in female wisdom than the Qumran document, but the context for its delivery to women could have been similar. To be more specific, one possible option is that the Song, like other I seek woman for Kenton read compositions, was used in the upper classes to teach propriety to privileged young women.

In this scenario it I seek woman for Kenton read be more likely though not inherently evident that women could actually read the text. But even if they could not, memorizing wisdom texts and sayings was a common part of the curriculum for those in the upper classes. Another option, which is by no means contrary to thefirstbut could stand alongside it, is that the Song and its parts were well known as an oral tradition that extended beyond the confines of upper-crust society to the common folk in Judaism.

That the Song was recited in popular, let us Women want nsa Homosassa Springs Florida "secular," settings makes this a possibility. But perhaps these ribald uses of the Song, which Rabbi Aqiva critiqued so harshly, suggest that we should reckon with another possibility.

Maisonneuve, 82; Fox, Song ofSongs, For a brief comment on the text in context, see Daniel J. I'm tired of the games and nonsense. I'm easy going and somewhat shy. I like nights in and nights out, but I do not drink. You should be under 40 and gainfully-ish employed.

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