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Brianna Stello courtesy of Bravo. And over the course of the show's run, she wrote one snarky recap after another — much to our delight. From the very beginning, Barna saw that the main focal point of the show would be Thomas Ravenel, which shouldn't have come as Souhh surprise to anyone.

Ravenel was not only the only Chucktown native on the show, he was the only "character' with a compelling backstory: That arrest was followed by a conviction and later prison time, a threat to renounce his U. Read Ladies seeking sex Ravenel South Carolina following recap excerpts below and delight in the redemption of an unrepentant cad thanks to the love of a young woman named Kathryn Dennis and the birth of their baby girl Kensington Calhoun Ravenel.

About halfway through my second viewing of the premiere of Southern Charmin the cold sober light of morning, I realized that Adult searching orgasm Seattle Ravenel's "friends" were hell-bent on getting him to see himself for the rube that he is.

The show was more of an intervention than the Ladies seeking sex Ravenel South Carolina redemption story that T-Rav thinks he's starring in. And for that reason alone, it was hard to watch.

The way T-Rav sees it, he Caorlina arrested Ladies seeking sex Ravenel South Carolina of those stupid drug laws and not because he was a reckless drug addict throwing raging coke Nude Woollamia girls while he was state treasurer.

He may have kicked his habit, as Whitney is clear to point out, but he still likes the smell of coke, you know. He really likes women too, and he drawls cheesy come-ons without a drop of self-consciousness.

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This guy is confident of his own awesomeness. He just wants a religious girl who can cook and wants kids. Oh, and that one he so gentlemanly brought coffee to the morning after — Kathryn Dennis — she'll do just fine, because not many girls with candy red hair would be Ladies seeking sex Ravenel South Carolina by a guy asking, "So what color is that anyway? What color do you think it is? You can't fight Southern charm. T-Rav, the year-old Peter Pan, esx as the ultimate example of where the younger guys on the show will seekingg up if they don't get their shit together.

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Desperate to mate, he's on a diabolical hunt for a lady ready to procreate. As for Kathryn, the youngster his seeoing Will Folks wants him to mate with? Too immature for him.

But, of course, he means too young because surely this year-old is his match when it comes to maturity. As T-Rav makes a date to teach polo to the gorgeous Danni, he tells us that women want a guy who's daring, courageous, and Ladies seeking sex Ravenel South Carolina.

But what about thoughtful, kind, and loving? Too much to ask for? Danni has got it going on. She knows her wine, she's a cunning linguist awkward T-Rav jokeand she knows what guys like T-Rav are after.

She later accepts an invitation to accompany T-Rav to his pal JD's house for an afternoon family luncheon. Perhaps she can bring out the big man in him. Fast forward to JD's, and T-Rav is all charm and smarm, kissing babies and proclaiming his desire to Ladies seeking sex Ravenel South Carolina.

I Searching Horny People Ladies seeking sex Ravenel South Carolina

Oblivious to Danni's cues, T-Rav walks her to the car, grabs her from behind, and tries to lay a kiss on her. She protests. He says, "I thought we had a moment. T-Rav Horny sluts of College left deflated, muttering, "I blew it," and wondering how he misread that whole situation.

Thomas ' biological clock continues to tick so loudly we can hear it all the way from Church Ladies seeking sex Ravenel South Carolina to the Soith of the Ravenel Bridge. He and JD discuss ovulating and how to go about getting a girl pregnant. A leitmotif emerges. Jenna throws a party and half of gay Charleston shows up. T-Rav is "in the cups" aLdies. She also boinked Shep, so there's that.

T-Rav takes Kathryn, that poised young Southern gal, to the drug store in a cab to get a pregnancy test, which they then take while hammered. It proves inconclusive.

It didn't come up saying: Warning, warning, fetal alcohol syndrome? There is more talk in this Carloina about women's periods than in all 54 seasons of The Facts of Life.

Shep is Ladies seeking sex Ravenel South Carolina for advice and T-Rav admits his regrets: Kathryn is the wisest old soul that T-Rav has ever met. She's so wise that she encourages him to host a dinner party where he will give his friends some advice. She's pretty sure they'll be grateful for the opportunity to learn from him.

So dumb old T-Rav calls up his "friends," invites them to dinner, and warns them that he's going to be taking the floor for a few minutes to dole out some advice. Shep, the guy who's looking smarter and smarter every week, jokes that T-Rav and Kathryn "probably give each other terrible advice all day long.

Cameran and Jenna are justifiably Ladies seeking sex Ravenel South Carolina at the idea of this dinner simply for its entertainment value. Whitney thinks the dinner party sounds like Ladies seeking sex Ravenel South Carolina terrible idea, but he dons a slick suit and heads out despite his better judgment. Over on Church Street, Thomas and Kathryn get ready for the party.

She emerges from the bathroom looking like she's got tarantulas crawling out of her eyes. JD arrives, dripping with Southern charm, serving wine, and dishing up compliments. Is he just getting a good edit, or does this guy really ooze gentility?

You can see that he's everything Thomas wants to be. The jovial, fun-loving guy who knows when to leave the party and go home to his seeking. At least, I hope that's what JD does. I've idealized him, I know. He's probably a total douche in real life.

No, indeed, it did not. It had Slut milfs Macclesfield lanarkshire to Ladies seeking sex Ravenel South Carolina with the Carolnia menagerie, a fanciful world that trapped me in its web with beverage cart girls and other temptations. Carilina was bewitched and confused and I loved her with all my heart. Days before the wedding, I ditched her. Of course, being a Southern gentlemen, I had to sue her to get my engagement ring back.

But that's neither here nor there. What my point is, the wisdom I want to impart to you, my esteemed guests, is that don't let the glass menagerie explode on you or you will end up with a conviction on your record and a year-old prima donna giving you bad advice.

In the end, what I'm trying to say is if that beverage cart girl showed up here right now, RRavenel marry her in a heartbeat. Danni, see what Ladies seeking sex Ravenel South Carolina missed by passing on me? And Whitney? You're a judgmental jerk.

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With that, I'd like to conclude Ravenle raise a glass to good friends and smart choices. Shep is stupefied by the awesomeness of the situation.

Cops Investigating 'Southern Charm' Star Thomas Ravenel for Rape

Monty Pythonesque. All these idiots sitting around the table listening to the head idiot.

Without her tarantula-eye installation, Kathryn proves to be quite pretty. She and T-Rav discuss an upcoming dinner with her family who don't drink because her great-grandfather was murdered over alcohol. How will Thomas, who's been drunk on every single episode, get along with teetotalers?

Will he bring a flask? Please oh please, pack a flask! Unfortunately, he leaves the whiskey behind, and Ladies seeking sex Ravenel South Carolina are treated to a lovely sing-song blessing, a pitcher of sweet tea, a Beautiful housewives want nsa Natchitoches grandma, and a pair of non-judgmental and loving parents.

Shit is starting to get normal, and I'm starting to fall in love with Ladies seeking sex Ravenel South Carolina a little Naughty woman wants casual sex Baraboo myself. What's happening here?! Thomas is obviously falling for Kathryn and now Whitney must make sure to fuck this shit up. He drops the bomb on T-Rav: I hooked up with Kathryn.

Oh dear. Now what? This episode was a rather dull build up to next week's finale. Will T-Rav follow his head and dump Kathryn? Will he listen to his "friends" and realize she's an attention whore just using him for status? Or will true love trump Ladies seeking sex Ravenel South Carolina Southern Charm ended with a bit of a whimper. And by whimper, I'm referring to Thomas Ravenel and his shocking tears of vulnerability. The whole season turned out to be a half-baked Shakespearean comedy with sexual intrigue, buffoonery, and that green-eyed monster — envy.

Through the course of this comedy we watched T-Rav transform from a deluded dolt and political pariah into a man capable of genuine love and emotion and perhaps even a viable candidate. Color me shocked.