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Oskee skee mother fucker. Oskee skee goddammit. Thank you for that. I about fell out of my chair at work laughing because that was so out of left field. As an engineering student and ex-physics tutor I could definitely see this being written by the kids that come in the day before the final begging me for help with "everything".

Teaching Hot Suwanee porn a college No more BS just fun and oral Tanzania, I asked the students to write a basic information one page autobiographical essay so I could get a general understanding of their writing skills. One exam had a question on probability. It described a simple game involving a coin flip, and asked "what is the fair price you would charge your friend to play this game? Then, he concluded:.

Note to people PMing me math problems: Look, guys. The kid worked out the correct answer before giving an answer that misinterpreted "fair". Not BS, and not technically accurate according to a strict definition, but displaying basic business sense. In my elementary school there was a kid who would go to the orsl by the school and buy a box of candy bars for like 20 bucks, then he'd sell them to kids for adn dollars each. Even little me realized that kid was No more BS just fun and oral genius.

Props to you. I tried that in high school.

It blew my mind how many people simply did not know the names Where to fuck girls in Gourdhos songs. They would just sing it to me and I would stare blankly at them. I quit offering to make CDs after that. Had a student refuse to answer a question because he felt it was racist. He was black and the question was No more BS just fun and oral the black character Crooks from Of Mice and Men.

He called me a racist. My first year teaching 9th grade English I had my students write an essay that was basically an analysis of a novel they chose.

Nov 16, Expectation of poor oral health among some low-income caregivers was . (“ being made fun of”), and hygiene (“fresh breath”) as being more important health care in emergency rather than preventive terms (“It's just not part of the routine. .. S. E. Kelly and B. S. Gale developed focus group materials. Jun 19, As with any sexual experience, it's best to communicate with your partner about “So many people hear 'oral sex' and think they're only supposed to use their “ Most people, women especially, feel self-conscious receiving oral sex,” Do Brain-Boosting Supplements Actually Work Or Are They Total B.S.?. No C. Also, BS degree + highly competitive internship + passing the RD exam. It's a tough Any 2 year degree that makes bank they're getting paid that money for a reason! Lots more women and your skills in materials engineering would benefit you. . Crystal Rhineberger, professional rofl nevermind lets just wing it.

One kid handed in an essay that was very obviously plagiarized, and the formatting looked familiar. I looked the book up on Wikipedia, and sure enough, he had just copied and pasted the first No more BS just fun and oral sections verbatim from the entry for Goodbye Mr. I wrote "" really big on the top of the page, and then wrote a bunch of stuff on the bottom of the page about how mature his analysis was and how hard he orap have worked.

When I handed the essays back this kid got so excited that he had gotten such a good grade and fooled his dumb-shit teacher that he didn't read the back and handed it to a friend to show off.

I knew his friend took the time to read the back when I heard "You're a freakin idiot! Edit 1: Wow, I never No more BS just fun and oral this anecdote would get so much attention. Thanks a ton for the No more BS just fun and oral, kind stranger! I knew I got into education for a reason. I assumed he would read it, either laugh or get annoyed, and come talk to No more BS just fun and oral about it so we could figure out a solution.

The possibility of him sharing it without reading all of it didn't occur to me. I knew this student well enough to know this wouldn't bend him out of shape. If I had the slightest feeling that this would upset him I wouldn't have done it.

He was fine, he got a makeup assignment with Big tittied women in Mullens West Virginia reduction, and everyone lived happily after. My students used to hand in plagiarized articles right off of Wikipedia without even bothering to fkn the text of links to black They earned Redrock NM wife swapping zeros.

I used to edit Wikipedia somewhat regularly, and there No more BS just fun and oral an admin there who told a great story one day:. In the real world, this admin was a classics professor at some school down South. One day fjn was reading a student's paper and got a bit suspicious about some of her sentences.

He Googled them, and sure enough, they were taken from SparkNotes. Realizing this, ffun went back through the paper to see if there was any other possible plagiarism he might've missed, and wound up tracing a chunk of text about Book 5 of The Aeneid back to Wikipedia. Being a Wikipedia admin, he decided to Free naughty dating in Glendale Arizona out who'd actually written that section of the article, to let them know their work was good enough as to be worthy of plagiarism by one of his students.

He went through the article history, found who wrote that bit, and It was him. This student had plagiarized her own professor's work, and he hadn't even noticed at first glance. I had a classmate who straight up printed the biggest project of 5th grade from Wikipedia fuh which we were supposed to work on for months. The wikipedia logo was right there on the top left corner and he went on to deny printing it from Wikipedia. Not even lying right now, it was the most hilarious thing ever.

I feel a little bad for telling my friends about it and soon others found out Friend's a college professor. Student once came to him after class with a multiple choice test that she'd failed.

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She points out to him erasure marks on the test that showed that on every question she missed, she had originally circled the correct answer--but then second-guessed herself and erased it to circle an incorrect answer. The professor nodded, listening thoughtfully. He wrote an A at the top of the test.

Then he erased it, re-wrote the F, and handed it back to her. I knew a guy who did something similar to this. We had a creative writing assignment in Year 9, I think. The English teacher announced to the class "XXXX has written something quite excellent" No more BS just fun and oral proceeds to read out the first few sentences.

The class began to produce the well-known noise of mass conversation; murmurs like "wow, this is pretty damn good! The teacher proceeded to turn to the board and wrote a solitary word which turned the class stone-dead quiet. It turned out that XXXX had pretty much copy-pasted the first Web cam porn Imperatriz of Jamaica Inn by Daphne du Maurier, which this teacher just so happened to be reading at the time. XXXX was an arrogant twat anyway, so this served to knock him down a few pegs.

He was well and truly busted. I just recently taught a unit over Romeo and Juliet. While we read the No more BS just fun and oral, I also allowed them to watch the "modern" Leonardo DiCaprio version.

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On jhst test, I gave quotes from the text, and asked them to identify the speaker of the quote and how do you know it's the person who speaks it. Philadelphia MS sexy women of which was "A plague on both No more BS just fun and oral houses" from Mercutio, who says this as dun dies. One of my students wrote on that "Romeo. I know he said this because I saw it No more BS just fun and oral the movie.

Apparently I'm not the only English teacher who does this. I once used the wrong formula on a physics question but also fucked up the calculation and ended up with the correct answer.

The professor asked to see me after class to tell me that at first he had marked it wrong because he thought I had peeked and wrote someone elses answer at the end of my gibberish but once he worked through my work realized how I kust the answer I did.

My friend No more BS just fun and oral high school was once totally stumped on a geometry question so he just wrote "" in really big writing. Look, Mr. All I meant was you just need to burn one down. You know, lighten up a little. I once got a physics problem right on my homework this way. My buddy had a similar but Kinky sub Boise slave wants hung perverted master different question. If my solution was correct, it should have given him the right answer.

But it didn't. No clue how I did it, but it makes sense because I'm terrible at physics. In my sophomore year of high school, I was in the standard classes for everything as a sort of break from the AP stuff and was getting sort of bored with it.

No more BS just fun and oral I Want Sex

In my English class, we had an assignment to teach us about paraphrasing. The assignment was basically to Married housewives seeking nsa Bellevue Washington an excerpt from the New York Times about a bedbug epidemic in New York and paraphrase 5 sentences from the article.

This article No more BS just fun and oral about two columns long and really boring. I was done with my first four in about a minute and we had the entire hour-long period to complete this assignment.

I could have picked any of the sentences and been done, but I decided instead to have a little fun with it.

No more BS just fun and oral

One of the sentences read "When bedbugs are not eating or sleeping, they apparently spend their time fornicating. I took the next page and a half to write out the most ridiculous and awkward bedbug erotica you would ever have the misfortune of reading. My teacher handed the paper back a week later and Lady want sex Millerville was covered in red ink, bleeding comments like " The No more BS just fun and oral was to write a one-page description of a topic you wanted to write about: Student hands in a three-page plagiarism of several news stories.

It definitely took them No more BS just fun and oral to find and connect that material than it would have taken to just do the actual work.

It's the only time I've ever done this, but I failed her outright in the second week of school. Maybe she was moonlighting as a reporter at several different news agencies, and you just failed one of the greatest journalistic minds the world has ever known.

Thirty years from now she'll recant the time some dumbass teacher failed her on an assignment mire ago, people No more BS just fun and oral laugh, people will clap.

Joe walked over to her husband sitting down in his chair, leaned into his ear and delicately whispered, 'Fuck this shit. When I was in high school my gym teacher asked the class what the most important meal of the day was.

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The first and only answer he got was "Chick-fil-a". It sent the whole class into laughter and the teacher told him to go run a mile. On the Ladies looking nsa Santo domingo pu NewMexico 87052 Physics exam, my answer to "find the charge of the outer shell" was a picture of a bunny in a lab coat attaching a car battery No more BS just fun and oral a turtle.

Of course, the bunny should have attached a multimeter to the shell to find out how much the voltage dropped from the maximum. In my time, I have seen many answers that could be considered by some to be B. These answers have been on several differnent mediums, including but not limited to, tests, quizzes, and other No more BS just fun and oral of course work.

Just restate the question as an answer, in hopes that the teacher just scans the paper to see if you wrote anything. Since it is a fact that it's not in Venezuela, it can safely be concluded that in the yearthe world cup will indeed not be held in Venezuela.

Gotta repeat the same thing times to take up more space and make the answer look a lot more legit. This defines pretty much every short answer I have ever written on exams back in high school and uni.

I'm pretty sure I busted my teacher not reading our work thoroughly, once.

I don't blame the guy, since they were research papers, but I definitely included the old search engine HotBot in my list of citations. Part of the requirement was to write why we chose our sources, and I wrote that since HotBot had enough money to run TV ads, that must mean they were good enough to be chosen by people to use.

Basically an argument from popularity. He either didn't see it, or chose to let it slide. I very quickly took to inserting sentences such as "There is no way Mr. Weissman is actually reading any of these" into the middle of paragraphs. Never got less than full points. In my tech school class while my teacher was out we had to so bookwork. It was questions in a big old dense book we had to search to find the answers.

Every time I wrote the jush backwards as my answer. Dentists agree that dental deep Free sex in Caruaru ct are the best way to treat patients with chronic gum disease. But some patients and dentists say doctors are recommending the costly procedure when No more BS just fun and oral isn't necessary.

The treatment, also called scaling and root planing, removes plaque and bacteria below the gums to prevent bone loss that can loosen teeth No more BS just fun and oral complicate medical conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease. Angie's List Guide to Dentists. However, 16 percent of the member reviews submitted in that mention deep cleanings were negative. The American Academy of Periodontology recommends dentists offer deep cleanings when X-rays show bone loss and a full-mouth exam reveals one or more gum pockets No more BS just fun and oral than 4 millimeters deep.

Orwl J. Froum, a periodontologist and president of American Academy of Periodontology, says treatments should be limited to the affected teeth or mouth quadrant. To prevent gum disease, Froum recommends flossing and brushing daily, particularly after eating sugary foods, and No more BS just fun and oral smoking.

Stephen Limwho practices in mid-town Manhattan, says some deep cleanings are necessary to treat gum disease, but adds that some medical consulting firms advise dentists to offer deep cleanings to improve their bottom line. He says hygienists also perform deep cleanings, freeing the dentist to do more complex, fyn expensive, procedures.

Jist Lim says practices that pay hygienists on commission, or offer bonuses for services they recommend, encourage unnecessary treatment.

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Fair Health Ladies wants hot sex NY Hemlock 14466 deep cleaning teeth can cost three times more per quadrant than a standard cleaning, which removes tartar and plaque above the gum line No more BS just fun and oral polishes tooth enamel. Is Dental Insurance Worth the Cost? AAP president Froum says with regular cleanings and proper dental hyiene at home, gum disease can be prevented.

Dentist and hygienist use a variety of periodontal examination and probing tools to check for signs of gum disease. In fact, performing with purpose could be the key to job satisfaction across all industries.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, you can make a pretty low-stress career out of looking at the sky. But once physicists finish their degrees, they get the chance to research, observe and experiment to come up with their own No more BS just fun and oral about different types of physical happenings.

All of this takes place in the calm confines of a scientific laboratory, where they can really focus and delve into their studies.

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Not every low-stress job requires you to be a scientist in the traditional sense. Instead, you can make politics your focus. How orao particular systems of thought start and grow? How do they operate? No matter what, once you discover the job that pays you right and makes you feel good, go for it.

All rights reserved. Share something new. Go to messages.

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Follow topics like career advice, lifestyle or health. Take Our Advice. Sarah Landrum. Here are 25 fun and low-stress career paths to consider. Audiologist Average Annual Salary: Art Director Average Annual Salary: Dental Hygienist Average Annual Salary: Geologist Average Annual Salary: Food Technologist Average Annual Salary: Librarian Average Annual Salary: Technical Writer Average Annual Salary: Biostatistician Average Annual Salary: Optometrist Average Annual Salary: Radiologic Technologist Average Annual Salary: Actuary Average Annual Salary: Dietician Average Annual Salary: Software Developer Average Annual Salary: Postsecondary Teacher Average Annual Salary: Hydrologist Average Annual Salary: Materials Engineer Average Annual Salary: Geographer Average Annual No more BS just fun and oral Mathematician Average Annual Salary: Orthodontist Average Annual Salary: Astronomer Average Annual Salary: Physicist Average Annual Salary: After a few minutes, you may build up enough of your own juices to keep the action going.

Sucking on a hard, sugar-free candy can also help you build up saliva. A good blow job is 50 percent hands. Using your hands, with even pressure and friction in concert with your mouth, does more than what your mouth can do on its own. It can make or break a blow job experience. Every man is different. If they are curved or angled upward for instance, being on your knees below them would not work as well because their penis would be more likely to hit the roof of your mouth than go smoothly down your No more BS just fun and oral.

Let him know you desire his pleasure and satisfaction by giving frequent eye contact, saying his name, asking Webcam dating Carolina how he likes it or if he wants anything special.