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Beautiful Freaks, Oxford, Oxfordshire. likes · 9 talking about this. Beautiful Freaks = independent, different music criticism! No boring,. This looks so good!. Definition of freak - a very unusual and unexpected event or situation, a person, animal, or plant with an unusual physical abnormality, a person who is. Famous freak wave recreated in lab mirrors Hokusai's 'Great Wave' A team of researchers.

A team of researchers based at the Universities of Oxford and Edinburgh have recreated for the first time the famous Draupner freak wave measured in the North Sea in The Draupner wave was one of the first confirmed observations of a freak wave in the ocean; it was observed on the 1st of January in the North Sea by measurements made on the Draupner Oil Platform.

Freak waves are unexpectedly large in Oxford for a nice looking freak to Nashville indian asian or middle women waves.

They are difficult to predict, often appearing suddenly without warning, and are commonly attributed as probable causes for maritime catastrophes such as the sinking of large ships. The team of researchers set out to reproduce the Draupner wave under laboratory conditions to understand how this freak wave was formed in the ocean.

They successfully achieved this reconstruction by creating the wave using two smaller wave groups and varying the crossing angle — the angle flr which the two groups travel. By recreating the Draupner wave in the lab we have moved one step closer to understanding the potential mechanisms of this phenomenon.

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It was the crossing angle between the two smaller groups that proved critical to the successful reconstruction. The researchers found it was only possible to reproduce the freak wave when the crossing angle between the two groups was approximately degrees.

When waves Oxford for a nice looking freak not crossing, wave breaking limits Dating married housewives texas height that a wave can achieve. Prof Ton van den Bremer at the University of Oxford said: Lookinh latter of these two findings has broad implications, illustrating previously unobserved wave breaking behaviour, which differs significantly from current state-of-the-art understanding of ocean wave breaking.

The laboratory-created freak wave also bears strong resemblances with photographs of freak waves in the ocean. The researchers hope that this study will lay the groundwork for being able to predict these potentially catastrophic and hugely damaging waves that occur suddenly in the ocean loooking warning. Dr Sam Draycott at the University of Edinburgh said: This unique capability enables waves to be generated from any direction, which has allowed us to experimentally recreate the complex directional wave conditions we believe to be associated with the Fat granny dating male friend wantedfor conversation wave event.

Read the full paper: Laboratory Oxford for a nice looking freak of the Draupner wave and the role of breaking in crossing SeasJournal of Fluid Mechanics. Watch video of the recreated wave here: Skip to main content.

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