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What co ed wants an evening out

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She may mean a coed sleepover. Yes, girls and boys!

In some cases, boys and girls are segregated into separate areas of the home for sleep. More What co ed wants an evening out, they want to sleep in adjacent sleeping bags together in the basement or family room. Influenced by an increasingly unisex society and sexually saturated media, this get-together is appealing to ever-younger girls who are eager to socialize, experience excitement, and feel grown up.

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In some communities, parents believe coed sleepovers are threatening to become routine weekend social events. When your daughter proposes hosting or attending a coed sleepover, how evenign you manage?

Or, do you believe that daughters get the wrong message when boy-girl socializing is associated with sleeping? Rarely, if ever, will such a plan be appropriate for your middle schooler.

Yet, once high school students drive, coed sleepovers may provide a secure, contained environment after special events such as proms, camp reunions, or celebrations. Anticipate together potentially confusing or threatening predicaments; are you comfortable with her decisions?

If so, these guidelines might be helpful for planning. If your daughter wants to host a coed sleepover, include a manageable number of pre-approved guests after obtaining permission directly from their parents.

Determine firm beginning and ending times, as well as if, when, and where teenagers will sleep.

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Wn any alcohol, drugs, sexual activities, and guests leaving and returning; being sure to specify in advance the consequence of infractions. Offer music, group games, videos, and plenty of favorite snacks.

Safety depends on chaperones! If there is a bedtime, separate boys and girls in different rooms; leave doors open.

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Be prepared to stay awake and monitor periodically to insure rules are followed. Afterward, discuss your perceptions of how things went.

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