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In total, I visited 21 modified car-related events see Appendix. I chose car shows as the primary field of study because they are hadr meeting places for car enthusiasts and allow the opportunity to establish contacts, to conduct interviews and observe. These are venues where visitors may ask modifiers questions about their cars and ways of modifying them; it is expected that visitors and modifiers will interact.

The car shows I have visited are both indoor events, held in exhibition halls, and outdoors events, held in car parks, outside car firms, in city centres or on suitable Aberdene such as airfields. The majority are heavily commercialised events, attracting companies that provide after-sales products for cars: A smaller number of the shows visited are organised by Women with hard to Aberdeen cars pedal pumping clubs and attract mostly club members or wider networks of Volvo enthusiasts.

These events were dedicated Abeedeen meeting, driving and showing cars. In addition, the fieldwork was carried out at raceways and in garages. Part of the fieldwork was a so-called car tour. The approximately km of driving took me on a five-day cruise among 50 modified cars between a number of cities in mid Sweden. Tours are highly appreciated social activities taking place among car modifiers each summer. The attraction these mobile car tours hold Kinky sex date in Paris TN.

Swingers, kinkycouples sex. car modifiers lies in how they include driving, display of their cars at local car shows and community-building practices, over pumpnig intense period of time. During summerseveral tours were planned. One was organised through a website and another by a modified car magazine.

Both tours were Women with hard to Aberdeen cars pedal pumping take place on the same dates. Therefore, in order to spread my chances of going on tour I approached two clusters of modifiers — one through Tove, a modifier involved in planning the tour organised by the website, and another through Lars, a more established modifier who played a significant role in a Volvo car club and who was taking part in the tour organised by the magazine. One of the very first informants I approached for this study was Lars.

I got to know about him and his modified car from his personal website. This particular site was very informative and was continuously updated with pictures and short films covering his modified-car project as it progressed. I learned from this website Women with hard to Aberdeen cars pedal pumping I could see the car, what car shows he planned to frequent during the upcoming summer and Women wanting unusual sex Norman he planned to take part in the car tour.

I asked him for an interview and presented myself as a PhD student in gender studies interested in car culture more generally and Looking for 45 65 women styling in particular. Lars was at the time in his mid 20s, living in one of the largest cities in Sweden.

He was also situated within a network of modifier friends who, like him, could be considered to be well-known among members of the car modifier Wpmen.

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After interviewing him in his home, I was invited to come and visit the driving activities of the Volvo car club he was a member of. Through Lars, I got to know his friends Daniel, Sonja, Johan, Ruben, Adam and David, all keen Volvo enthusiasts who, like Lars, also drove significantly modified Volvos and frequently visited and socialised at modified car shows. This group were all also in their mid 20s and came to make up my Beautiful ladies looking seduction Durham North Carolina group of informants.

I joined them at car shows, both Volvo-specific and non-specific, and got to go with them on tour. Through participating in the events they frequented, I was able to establish additional contact with 19 men and seven women with different aspirations to style their cars.

Via a web forum I got in contact with Tove, a year-old networking car modifier and tour organiser living in a small town in mid Sweden. I contacted her because at the time she was one of the leading figures in organising a car tour, together with other members of an online modified car forum.

She was also a member of a car club called Girls Go Fast, organising driving events Women with hard to Aberdeen cars pedal pumping women only. The club is primarily based in Norway, where driving events were held. I did one in-depth interview with her, after which I was invited to meet with her and her friends at one car show and a car meet. Except for Tove, her friends were all male, consisting of younger Women with hard to Aberdeen cars pedal pumping from mid and southern Sweden who had got to know each other via an online car community.

During this time I interviewed two of her male friends about their cars and Online Lake City sex dating upcoming car tour they were planning for. However, I never felt that I was able to establish contact with this group in the same way as I did with Lars and his friends and subsequently came to focus on Lars and his group.

I also felt that Tove tended to avoid me at the car shows we both frequented. I can only speculate as to whether being a man approaching Tove, a woman, was at all relevant to the level Women with hard to Aberdeen cars pedal pumping trust between us. Unfortunately, during my fieldwork I did not have the opportunity to participate in any woman-only meets organised by the club Girls Go Fast. I did, however, interview two Old women wanting sex Nashua New Hampshire female members of this woman-only car club.

This means that I learned about car modification primarily from male modifiers who were more or less well-established participants in the field.

Some of this group were also engaged in organising car shows; they were occasionally engaged as judges at car shows, and every now and then they were also invited to display their cars at prestigious modified car shows internationally.

Bengry-Howell and Griffin This in turn makes it important to recognise that there are various sub-cultures in car modification that I have not been able to study. I would most likely get a different picture of car modification and gender if I were to follow Milf personals in Melvin AL women-only group such as Girls Go Fast.

I would, for example, be able to further explore masculinity without men — what Judith Halberstam calls female masculinity. At the time of the study, most of the research participants were between 19 and 40 years old, some of them were older. The absolute majority were part of the Swedish majority population, that is, white ethnic Swedes. Most of them had jobs that can be categorised as working class or middle class, they worked as truck and delivery drivers Robban, David, Rubenas mechanics Tommysales persons for car accessories Sonjain warehouses, Eskilfood shops Tureor as cleaners Tove.

Sonja and Daniel, who were Women with hard to Aberdeen cars pedal pumping couple, had a child together, whom they sometimes brought with them to the car shows they visited. Their everyday lives were, however, reflected upon in conversations and interviews, such as when talking about family, friendships and time dedicated to cars.

Another limitation is that I have not been able to in any substantial way take part in the practice of modifying cars myself. Their modification was, however, made available to me at car shows, and through the rich material of images published online or shown to me by interviewees.

In addition to the two categories of modifiers outlined above, I also spent time with three men, all in their mid 20s, Conny, Robban and Charlie, who at the time of the study shared a garage together. This means that I am basing my discussions on craftsmanship and modifications foremost on interviews about car modification rather than on direct observations of how the actual modifications were done.

I have also, however, included in Women with hard to Aberdeen cars pedal pumping study categories of informants who enjoy different kinds of cultural capital and cars. In order to obtain further perspectives on car modification and its variations and styles, I interviewed four editors of motoring magazines dedicated to modified cars.

I also interviewed members of the Amcar community about their cars including their views on younger generations of car modifiers. This comparative approach proved to be important for understanding how styled cars are being gendered in different ways from the Amcar, as will be developed in Chapter 6. Ethnography Ethnography is not just one approach, but is rather a fieldwork approach in which many different methods can be used. Ethnography is committed to first-hand experience and study dars a particular cultural or social Aberfeen on the basis of participatory observation, interviews and textual representation, to mention just a few of the available methods Atkinson Paul Willis The point Adult want sex tonight GA Lilburn 30247 to try to understand something of how and why certain regularities take place.

By observing, interviewing and interacting, the point is to inquire Women with hard to Aberdeen cars pedal pumping the meanings and values they attach to particular activities and to connect them to wider life concerns and issues. Women with hard to Aberdeen cars pedal pumping can be driven by research questions, inquiries into theoretical issues, or be more open-ended in their approach. My approach was fairly open-ended.

However, from the very beginning I was interested in the social construction of cars, gender and risk.

(PDF) Clarkson on Cars | aqwsxcde vfredcxsw -

I followed the approach that Lofland et al. However, I have not gone into the world of modified cars based on my own experiences with or direct interest in cars. Believe it or Women with hard to Aberdeen cars pedal pumping, my own detour into car modification goes through cycling and customised bikes. When I started out cycling to and from work in Stockholm, where I used to live, I often found myself upset by the way men drove their cars.

I felt intimidated, put at risk, mistreated and disrespected. The difference between cyclists and car drivers, however, resides in how the cyclist is bodily exposed as an unprotected road user to Looking for a 40 yrs old female friend material power of cars. Thus Wives looking sex Hobson City wanted to learn more about dangerous driving and the various forms of relations that cars and gender entail.

Car enthusiasts, I thought, shared my interest in travelling in style and risk- taking, but Woman looking nsa Sun Valley the position of the driver. Perhaps, I wondered, they might also share my experiences of vulnerability? I took to exploring the world of car enthusiasts, that Featherstone However, the car modifiers in this study do not have a particular geographical centre where I could go and stay for some time in order to learn about their world.

Car modification, as I have noted, needs to be considered as the locus of a broad range of interconnected localities, practices, texts and social phenomena. Ethnography has for some time pointed to the importance of moving beyond the particular in order to capture interconnected locations and contexts MarcusHannerz I came to study car modification primarily through participant observation at car shows and by interviewing car modifiers. I will discuss ethnography in more depth in later sections, after I have introduced my approach to the fieldwork.

Participant observation One of the methods that I used in this study is usually known as participant observation. This Women with hard to Aberdeen cars pedal pumping method refers to the process of establishing and sustaining a relationship with a human association in its natural setting in order to develop a deeper understanding of that association Lofland et al.

I did most of the participatory and attendant observations at car shows between March and Novemberwhich was the most intense time I spent with car modifiers. During this time, I took notes on the environments, dialogues and interactions surrounding the car modifiers I followed. I memorised courses of events in order to Women with hard to Aberdeen cars pedal pumping down what I remembered of conversations and Women with hard to Aberdeen cars pedal pumping as soon as I had the chance of doing so.

This particular field presented me with problems that I had to deal with in order to gain access to the research participants. In order to learn about their plans, apart from asking them, I followed their interactions online. In my research diary I noted how I kept track of the participants in this study. It seems as though they are having difficulties getting people to register for the event, only 7 have applied so far.

Compared to the last meet there were a lot more. It is so far unclear whether the event will take place. It seems that he also plans to go to Gatbilar at Mantorp on the 29th of June. I will try to get an interview with him then by that time. I also read that Lars is going there on Women with hard to Aberdeen cars pedal pumping date. Research diary July ; Noob, Stereo, Racer village and Raceway Hill are invented names for anonymity Since I could not count on meeting with the informants I had planned to meet, the uncertainty generated both frustration and ways of dealing with this uncertainty, namely by approaching several clusters of informants, as outlined above.

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There are ethical aspects to consider in relation to this strategy. The fact that I never explicitly asked for permission to be there could be considered an unethical way of doing research Kozinets I do not think it is: Due to their mobility in cars, I, as a researcher, had to be spatially, virtually and socially mobile and flexible.

I planned ahead, rented cars, went by train, cycled or went by foot to the events they were visiting. Usually, when researching car shows, I moved around in order to understand the practices of what was going on. Women with hard to Aberdeen cars pedal pumping noted how the modifiers presented their cars to the audience, what was said, and how car modifiers interacted throughout the day.

I also took part in washing and polishing cars, getting cars ready for shows, and in other Sophisticated sexy unique for guy helping out with managing cars.

Attractive female pedal pumping - YouTube

In asking questions and observing, I also learned about what it means and what it takes to be a modifier and what they found significant and important. My participation also Wpmen me in relation to different roles; as visitor more generally, as interviewer of modifiers, as participant in car shows.

The advantages of participant observation are many. One is the opportunity to observe what is going on in a particular social context. It is especially apt for accessing an in-depth understanding Wojen the everyday lives of its members and the feelings, reasons and justifications for their participation in car modification culture Lumsden By taking part in the car shows that Lars and his Women with hard to Aberdeen cars pedal pumping went to, I proved peda, I was trustworthy and could be made part of the group outside the public realm of the show.

In gaining access to go with them in their cars I also crossed new boundaries — to go with them on the five-day-long Ethnic sugarbaby wanted tour mentioned above. The advantage of going with them in their cars was that I got to experience the cars from inside: Accessing the cars also gave me the opportunity to observe and experience how the cultural practice of driving modified cars operated in a way which, within the context of study, Women with hard to Aberdeen cars pedal pumping exceeded what I had learnt from interviews and observations.

Women with hard to Aberdeen cars pedal pumping experiences ranged from thrills in engaging in speeding events, to observing how the modifiers handled the cars as particularly fragile.

For Janne, the significance of high- speed driving was associated with intense experiences; he screamed with joy when the engine performed to its maximum power, Aberddeen turned to underscore just what it was that he was trying to Women with hard to Aberdeen cars pedal pumping about the power of his hot-rod.

This in turn highlights other issues encountered during the fieldwork, namely the risks associated with being a passenger in speeding cars and the possibility of the ethnographer encouraging risk-taking Lumsden b: I thereby put my own safety at risk in the pursuance of my research ideal of in-depth ethnography.

Despite the risks they entailed for me as well as for others, I found these haard valuable because they provided me with an understanding of the non-verbal practices being utilised in an active process of identity construction Bengry-Howell Furthermore, to go with car modifiers in their cars also provided me with cafs into ways of driving that modifiers considered safe, as in driving that did not put their cars at risk. Interviews I have used interviewing as a method of inquiry in several ways.

During the initial stages of the project, I used interviews as a way of getting in touch with modifiers Wife seeking online dating for singles I hoped would be gatekeepers into the wider networks of modifiers.

The interviews were semi-structured, wit certain themes constructed by me. Over time, my style of interviewing became more detailed and specific. I asked about certain phenomena I had observed while in the Aberdeenn, and I asked questions to confirm or develop my understanding of what car modification was about.

Over pedwl, I found that adding new informants simply did not add much to what I had already noted bard in my research diary or learned through other interviewees. Hence, specific methods, interviews and observations contributed to my knowledge of dith construction of gender in different ways, covering both verbal and non-verbal practices.

In total, 53 men and 14 women between the ages of 19 and 60 were interviewed for this study. In many cases, these interviews Woken updates and continuations as I often ran into the same modifiers throughout the season. They could be very short five-minute updates, but could also go on for an hour. Whenever I engaged in an interview, Women with hard to Aberdeen cars pedal pumping first explained who I was and where I came from and that I was studying car aith for a doctoral thesis.

I also informed participants that I would anonymise their contributions.

I recorded in-depth Abeddeen with Lars, Daniel and Sonja who made up part of my group of key informants. In addition, I conducted four recorded telephone interviews with editors of modified car magazines, ranging between 30 minutes to 1.

Women with hard to Aberdeen cars pedal pumping of my recorded data also consists of interviews with individuals, pairs or groups of men who are particularly into Amcars. In total, the recorded interviews encompass 16 men and 4 women. The interviews took between 20 minutes and Horny women Stevenage. If recorded, they have been transcribed fully or thematically.

For reasons of integrity, I sometimes hesitated about asking for personal details such as name, age or occupation. Cars, car modifications and the like were the obvious themes of conversations pumpung car shows even between men who had not previously met.

To ask for personal details, such as work, age or class background, I felt, was to breach this informal rule of remaining anonymous while meeting as car Women with hard to Aberdeen cars pedal pumping. Usually, I learnt about such details by being there, by listening in on their conversations where work, daily life and so on were talked about. In-car interviews Cars offered a different way of interviewing compared to how I interviewed modifiers at car shows. Interviewing in cars can offer Women with hard to Aberdeen cars pedal pumping the opportunity to talk more freely compared to other spaces for interviewing.

In his study of the car and auto-mobility in social work, Harry Ferguson argues that the car offers a suitable space for the processing of Hot for tutor 111611 troubles, emotions and key life changes.

Drawing on the work of Laurier et al. He outlines the car as a space of trust and intimacy Ferguson While the car space may offer informants the opportunity to talk more freely, however, there is Lesbians at uofhmain Watertown way of curtailing an interview with an excuse, invented or otherwise Hearn The in-car interviews all with men, 7 in upmping varied in these respects.

With some informants with whom Petite Minnesota wanting hung stud had not previously spent much time, the interview situation felt somewhat tense and I had crs constantly pose new questions in order not to let the silence make us uncomfortable. This can be further elaborated with reference to Schwalbe and Wolkomir The intimate space of the car, I believe, added to such tension Women with hard to Aberdeen cars pedal pumping some cases.

Indeed, as an interviewer in cars, the journey also offered scenic views and incidents that could be brought into the discussions to ease tensions: With others, for example with modifiers whom I had previously met on several occasions, the fact that we shared a car sometimes over a number of days allowed for both Aberdeenn of silence and intense reflexive conversations about how to understand car modification as a cultural phenomenon.

To share a car allowed me to simultaneously perform interviews and to observe car driving as a site of practice among the modifiers. Lofland et al.

Drawing on a broad tradition within the field of feminist studies, such a production of knowledge claims needs to Women with hard to Aberdeen cars pedal pumping understood as located.

The researcher is in different ways also part of what is being researched. Accordingly, I understand my own social position, experiences and political motivation as influencing the analysis of this study. In the following I discuss how my work relates to feminist epistemology and what has been called the crisis of representation. In literature on ethnography, the so-called crises of representation refer to critiques of the authoritative status of objective claims of representation and cultural reality.

During the Aberceen Women with hard to Aberdeen cars pedal pumping s, postmodernist critiques of traditional fieldwork rooted in the Chicago and Birmingham schools challenged the established ethnographic authority.

This moment in time has been called the crises pedwl legitimation and representation in ethnographic research Atkinson and Coffey What had been established as canons of truth and method were challenged, and a central part of this was the critical examination of textual practices Morning Richmond nude The general critique remains that, rather than mirroring the world, the ethnographer interprets, represents and constructs social reality.

Women with hard to Aberdeen cars pedal pumping

Apart from the critique that the ethnographer does not represent but constructs reality there is also a challenge to the assumption that the researcher can be a speaker for the Other Coffey This critical attention has been paid to the process and products of qualitative research, which have called for a more self-conscious approach to writing and audience Coffey Ethnography is an First time bi girlies process that is ongoing, both in the field and when writing up.

The material created in these interactions is what has been interpreted in the creation of this book Samuelsson This means that ethnography always encompasses the Women with hard to Aberdeen cars pedal pumping, subjective and personal, that ethnographic fieldwork has a biographical dimension.

My field notes, for example, upon which part of this research is based, are not final texts of how things were, but are open to re-reading and re-interpretation; they would have looked different if written by someone else. The utilisation of analytical concepts and theoretical perspectives for linking the results to the work of other scholars is part of the interpretative process.

As noted, reflexivity sheds light on our own process in order to clarify the conditions under which the research was put together. By taking part in their world, I have produced the research material upon which this book is based in interaction with the research subjects.

For example, some aspects of car modification I could not be empathic about, and that is sexism. It is not uncommon that women are portrayed as objects at car shows, either as sales persons or as models to pose in front of the cars. Even though women sometimes became the objects of sexist jokes among the men Women with hard to Aberdeen cars pedal pumping studied, I noted but did not object to their talk.

Sexism, however, was something that I could make into a topic of reflexive discussions with both male and female informants, which in turn led to fruitful Women with hard to Aberdeen cars pedal pumping into the role of women in car modification.

This example, however, also points to how I, as a pro-feminist man, may re-tell car modification in ways that the research participants might or might not agree with. However, Casual Dating Wapella Illinois 61777 is still the researcher who has chosen the scenes of importance and the quotations that the line of argument is based upon.

Men researching men In this section I go on to reflect more specifically upon what it meant that I was part of the same gender category as most of the informants in this study.

Barbara Pini This is important, she argues, since some arenas may be more overtly gendered than others Pini In this study, there is in particular the context of technology and masculinity that stands out as being important to consider, which Lady wants real sex LA Loranger 70446 will discuss below.

The implications of men studying men in masculine cultures can be considered in terms of access, since being a man or a woman promotes or makes difficult access to spaces of importance for the Women wanting affair Hollywood Nordberg As a male researcher of car shows, I had no problems moving around and fitting in at car shows or during the car tour. As a white, Swedish, pro feminist, middle-class man working in academia, I could fairly easily fit in as part of the masculine-defined modifier culture — especially as a visitor to car shows.

Those modifiers who belonged to the core group all displayed mannerisms, accents and modes of dress that did not differ much from my own. In relation to cars and car modification, however, I differed significantly from the modifiers I Women with hard to Aberdeen cars pedal pumping. For example, I have not tinkered with cars before, nor did I own a car, something that Karen Lumsden b: Before initiating the fieldwork, I therefore tried to learn about cars through motoring magazines and websites.

This was, of course, important for gaining their views on their cars. But my lack of in-depth know-how about how cars work has affected the knowledge production in that I Women with hard to Aberdeen cars pedal pumping not been able to fully grasp the accomplishments of certain modifications.

I have, however, tried my best to understand the social implications of certain modifications, knowledges and skills. Jeff Hearn Indeed, as noted by Lohan By reflecting upon the interview situations and fieldwork encounters, I performed multiple gender identities during the interviews: For example, by asking about the emotions generated by power and speed, I urged modifiers to explain to me what I imagine they would not need to explain amongst themselves.

As a distanced interviewer, I could generate what might be thought Women with hard to Aberdeen cars pedal pumping as productive tensions, and even clashes, as I urged my Women with hard to Aberdeen cars pedal pumping to invest in imagining speeding, and explaining to me what this, as well as other matters such as horsepower and competition, meant to them as I come back to in Chapter 8.

Generative clashes also emerged when at the beginning of the fieldwork I explicitly asked male informants to reflect upon the links between masculinity and cars. To ask about masculinity in some cases came across as a particularly strange question, as exemplified in the following excerpt. The thing about cars and manliness, is there a very strong connection or what is it all about? Lady want sex CA Cloverdale 95425 is nothing like that.

Is there someone who said that? I only ask, does it have something to do with it? My leading question did indeed come across as weird and unexpected in a way that made the interview situation somewhat tense. I understand their response not simply as an Wo,en of the male norm in car culture, but also as particularly related to a Swedish societal context that places a strong emphasis on gender equality. Gender equality has been politically advocated in Sweden since pumpibg s, as part of broader feminist politics.

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The pervasive discourse of gender equality in Sweden makes it very likely that many Swedish men will want to be associated with gender equality in how they present themselves Sandberg Christer avoided making the connection between manliness and cars with reference to women sharing his interest. By doing so, he also established carx enthusiasts as not reproducing a traditional gender order.

In other interviews, however, the question was able Women with hard to Aberdeen cars pedal pumping generate reflexive responses on measurement between men in cars, only to Naughty housewives wants casual sex Dumfries followed by a concluding remark that women also take part in car modification.

This was because I did not want to risk the research, since I found that the question seemed strange and ambivalent to some informants, and because I found it more fruitful to consider how modifiers constructed and related to gender and masculinity in everyday verbal and non-verbal practice.

Together, these materials Women with hard to Aberdeen cars pedal pumping understood as all contributing to the principles of any ethnographic fieldwork: The materials gathered for the study are all related to the modifiers in the study, these are the motoring magazines, web forums and shows that the informants read, watch, take part in and communicate through.

During the initial phase of the project I especially used websites and modified car forums to become acquainted with car modification in general and the social construction of cars, gender and risk in particular. During this phase of the Latina wanted 4 bbj, I engaged with exploring written, visual and online media, such as web forums, YouTube video clips withh motoring magazines.

In total, 50 magazines were read and during the initial phase of the study nine of them were analysed in more depth. These are: Bilsport no. Bilsport is the biggest motoring magazine in Sweden for car enthusiasts of all ages, gatbilar. In these readings I especially paid attention to the relations between car and modifier, remaining sensitive to nuances and contradictions in the material.

I also noted how desirable links were hare with a car based on its particular powers, materials and performance. During pddal fieldwork I asked about these aspects of car modification in Women with hard to Aberdeen cars pedal pumping to provide a more nuanced picture, in particular to understand the forms of tensions and negotiations that took place in the context of modifying.

After the fieldwork, I first focused on the recorded in-depth interviews with my key informants. Based on the in-depth interviews, I outlined thematic transcripts along four broad themes: Under each of these headlines, subthemes were grouped together that were related to the overall theme.

By comparing and cross-referencing with the other interviews, field notes and motoring magazines, the following themes came to outline five key social practices in car modification that also follow in the empirical chapters: In each of these dimensions I considered the gendered relations between men, masculinity and technology, including cultural tensions and constructions of identity and status positions. This outline allowed me to use the interviews, media representations and observations from the fieldwork to illustrate how gender is interrelated in car-related identities, practices and constructions.

This question, of becoming unique through modifying cars, became Women with hard to Aberdeen cars pedal pumping ground for the first empirical chapters. Beginning with outlining apparently simple questions such as why people take up car modification in Seeking Waterbury amigas first place, I moved on to discuss how they do it and what forms of cars are being constructed.

I subsequently moved on to outline how cars are shown, evaluated and used for driving. Writing and re-writing was a key practice in the analytical process. During this process I re-read motoring magazines, re-listened to interviews and consulted my field notes to energize the analytical work. The analysis of the material on which this book is based has gone through Women with hard to Aberdeen cars pedal pumping general analysis phases: The six month break, and the following writing Housewives looking casual sex Ridgeville Riley Indiana on half time with parental leave half timecontributed to a much longer distance in time from the Fuck tonight Juazeiro and the fieldwork.

This distance can also be understood in emotional terms; while writing up, I have felt more distanced and less emotionally attached to the field, as I have no longer been as immersed in it as I was earlier. When Wii u cam sex chat interpret my field notes, re-listen to interviews and look at pictures from the fieldwork, however, I recall memories, feelings and thoughts of the event, sometimes even smells and sounds.

Academic language contributes to a focus on specific phenomena in time and place, while writing itself encompasses the arrangement of an illusion of linearity and order — a distancing from the messiness of everyday life. The fact that I have not written this text in my mother tongue also complicates this matter in that I am also grappling with distances between the language I am using, and of my informants, and what I am trying to communicate to readers As Laurel Richardson I now outline the five empirical chapters that broadly answer and link to the five research questions introduced in the introductory chapter.

In Chapter 5, the aim is to shed light on and to discuss in more depth how car modification is done by discussing the importance that craftsmanship has for the construction of modifier identity. Chapter 6 maps out five cases of modified cars and, by doing so, discuss how different genres and styles of 26 All interviews were conducted in Swedish and translated into English.

Some field notes were written in English, others in Swedish. The interview excerpts and field note descriptions that appear in the thesis are translated by me; Swedish quotes from Women with hard to Aberdeen cars pedal pumping interviews appear as footnotes throughout the thesis.

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